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Our Montreal Vasectomy Doctor

Your private vasEctomy doctor

About Dr. Elroy Shuker, MD, CM, CCFP

Dr Shuker completed 11 years of training at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec – achieving degrees in both physiology and cellular biology, before completing his medical training.

Dr Shuker is accredited with both the MD and CM (Medicinae Doctorem et Chirurgiae Magistrum) credentials from McGill and completed residency at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

Dr Shuker has also completed additional surgical training with the American Board of Esthetic Medicine in San Diego and the American Board of Procedural Medicine in New York City. He is a member in good standing of the Canadian College of Physicians.

Doctor Shuker’s Private Vasectomy Practice

No-needle no-scalpel vasectomy is a focus of Dr. Shuker’s practice, as he performs this procedure safely, effectively, and efficiently in a comfortable outpatient setting. The end benefit is significantly reduced wait times and optimized health care delivery for men desiring this popular elective procedure.

Experience and Training

Dr. Shuker underwent extensive no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy training with Dr. Neil Pollock and Dr. Armand Zini, foremost authorities in these procedures. Dr. Shuker is offering his patients techniques that are highly advanced, minimally invasive and have been performed safely on many thousands of Quebec men as well as millions around the world.

Dr. Shuker’s focus on vasectomy and dedication to bringing the latest and most comfortable, virtually painless methods to Quebec benefit hundreds of men every month. The popularity of our private vasectomy clinic and resulting high volume of procedures enables our doctor to claim an extensive experience with no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy.

The Personal Touch

The success of the Vasectomy Montreal Clinic is clearly linked to Dr Shuker’s personable and friendly approach with patients – as well as to his medical proficiency and credentials.

When you read patient reviews on reviews on RateMDs or on Google you hear how the vasectomy experience was made comfortable, relaxing, and even fun by Dr Shuker and his team. Men who choose the Vasectomy Montreal Clinic and Dr Shuker almost invariably offer positive feedback on the experience.

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